Batman vs Superman Review

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Everything wrong with Batman vs Superman

Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne

Thomas and Martha Wayne were pacifists who were shot in an alley way on their way home from a movie. This movie changes the origin because Thomas Wayne takes a swing at the mugger before getting shot. Now we never know if they wouldn’t have been killed if Thomas Wayne had just turned over their money.

Bruce Wayne was also never aware of the mugger’s identity. That’s part of why he continues to fight crime, to hunt down the person who murdered his parents. The mugger’s face is clearly revealed. Bruce Wayne would have had a much easier time tracking down the mugger because he saw his face.

The mugger kills the Waynes but doesn’t take any of their money or jewels.

Lex Luthor

I’m pretty sure Jesse Eisenberg thought he was playing the Joker because Batman was in the movie. At no point did his Lex Luthor seem competent enough to run the multi-billion dollar company Lex Corp. He can’t even make his way through a speech at a benefit without breaking down and appearing psychotic.

Kryptonian Technology

Apparently we’ll secure a Kryptonian spaceship that is in the middle of the city, but that other one in the middle of the Indian Ocean, we’ll just leave that one alone.

In Man of Steel, the Kryptonian hover bot recognizes Lois Lane as not a Kryptonian and tries to kill her, but Zod’s hoverbot doesn’t try to kill Lex Luthor at all. Using fingerprints to open the door wouldn’t matter either. The hover bots scan the person.

The Fight Between Batman and Superman

In the lead up to the fight, Batman is chasing some criminals to try and steal their shipment of kryptonite. Batman kills at least 10 people in the process before crashing the Batmobile into Superman. Superman just lets him off with a warning. Superman doesn’t try to apprehend him or anything.

Even though Superman disagrees with Batman’s form of justice, Batman generally is chasing down the bad guys. It doesn’t even cross Superman’s mind that maybe if the Batman was after that semi, I should maybe check into it myself.

The fight was completely unnecessary from Superman’s perspective. Lex Luthor gave him an hour. He could have simply flown around the city using x-ray vision or his super hearing to listen for his mother’s heartbeat to find her. It would have taken less time than fighting Batman.

Batman beats Superman by essentially becoming Superman. Batman’s suit makes him bulletproof, stronger, and invulnerable.

Batman gets him once with a kryptonite cloud. You’d think Superman would expect it after that and maybe hold his breath for the rest of the fight, or maybe wrap some cloth around his face.


Doomsday doesn’t get stronger by absorbing energy, that’s the Parasite.

Superman nearly drowns retrieving the kryptonite spear from the pool of water, but is able to fly while holding it only moments later.

Doomsday is wrapped up by the lasso of truth. There’s no escaping that. The fight should have ended right then. If absolutely required, Superman could have held the lasso of truth, while Wonder Woman plunged her magic sword into Doomsday’s heart. They didn’t need the kryptonite spear at all.

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  1. Thomas Wayne, was not a pacifist. In some origin stories, Thomas Wayne was the original Batman and was killed as retribution for interfering in mob affairs. The unanswered question surrounding there death has always been was it a mugging or an assassination. If they were being mugged and the Waynes cooperated, then they should have lived. Since they do not live, then either it wasn’t a mugging or the Waynes didn’t cooperate. In this version, the Waynes do not cooperate and the mugging goes wrong, which is more believable than cooperating and still being killed. Not stealing from the corpses in front of the child whose parents you just killed is also plausible since the mugging has already gone very wrong.

    I wasn’t clear if Lex Luthor was actually ‘the’ Lex Luthor, his son, his clone, or what.

    The Kryptonian scout ship had already been boarded by Kal El before Lois got there. The hover bot was hostile towards him as well as Lois. It had been there for thousands of years and was clearly not functioning properly. This is not the first time Lex Luthor has hacked Kryptonian technology.

    This Superman is still sort of new to the superhero job. He’s full of self doubt and has been questioning how much or how little to get involved. He’s already figured out Bruce Wayne is Batman and is investigating Lex Luthor. He doesn’t trust Bruce’s motives (which he shouldn’t, since Bruce is attempting to steal Kryptonite to kill him with).

    His Mother could be in Kansas, Metropolis, or anywhere (even Lex doesn’t know where). However, Clark does know that Bruce has been surveilling Lex and might be persuaded to help him find his mother…enemy of my enemy is my friend. There’s no reason for him to suspect Bruce has a super suit, kryptonite gas grenades and a spear waiting for him. Radioactive gas clouds do not necessarily have to be inhaled to be effective.

    Characterizing Doomsday as getting stronger by absorbing energy is a mischaracterization of the comic version in which he adapts/evolves or becomes immune to attacks that would kill him. However, this Doomsday is not that version. This version is a Lex Luthor/General Zod amalgam and reasonably different.

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