Eliminate Facebook Profile Application Spam

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Even if you disable notifications from Facebook applications, your profile may still get littered with posts from applications. You can remove each post manually by clicking the remove link that appears when you mouse over the offending post.

Facebook Profile Application Remove Post
Link to remove an individual post

This will remove only that post. It won’t remove all posts by the application or prevent future posts by that application. To block an application from ever posting to your profile, follow these steps.

  1. Click the name of the application. This will take you to the application’s page on facebook.
    Facebook Profile Go To Application
    Link to Facebook application's profile
  2. Click the Block Application link.
    Facebook Application Profile Block Application
    Link to block Facebook application
  3. Click the Block button in the window that appears.
    Facebook Block Application Dialog Window
    Click the Block button to block an application
  4. Following these steps will prevent an application from posting to your profile and remove all posts by that application that were on your profile.

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